Author: Jake

Drip Review: the world’s first eCommerce CRM.

A quick Drip review.  Stop where you are if you think that this is going to be a review for email marketing software. Shame on you for even thinking that.  This is Drip, the world’s first eCommerce Customer Relationship Management system.  Yes, you heard me correctly, that’s ECRM.   Drip empowers small and medium-sized eCommerce operations […]

ConvertKit Review: The email marketing tool for creators who like to keep it simple.

Quick ConvertKit rundown.  I can appreciate it when someone truly knows themself. Whether it’s a friend, family member, colleague, or even that barista who knows your overly complicated drink order, their presence is refreshing. It’s like taking a double shot of charisma and chasing it with self-confidence. So when I stumble across a brand that […]

Benchmark Review: email marketing for the frugal – not the fancy

Quick Benchmark Review Someone asked me the other day if I was a penny-pincher? After some subconscious deliberation, I said no, especially considering the amount I spent on an egregious Postmates delivery last weekend. Trust me, it was bad.  But for all of us who squander without care, there are those stimulated by savings—you know […]

AWeber Review: the email marketing tool for those who prefer plain cheesecake.

The skinny on AWeber. With hundreds of email marketing tools out there, picking one is like picking dessert off the Cheesecake Factory menu—plenty of variety, but where’s the plain cheesecake? Not everyone wants or needs the Chocolate Tuxedo Cream Cheesecake—which is real by the way. Sometimes, you just want to kick it with the basics: […]

Hubspot Email Marketing Review: build an inbound marketing empire – if you’ve got cash.

The quick review of Hubspot. There are cheaper and easier tools if all you’re looking for is an email marketing solution. However, Hubspot packs a powerful combination of features made for inbound marketing (which the founders of Hubspot literally wrote the book on). Anyone ready to take their content marketing to another stratosphere should dig […]

Klaviyo Review: the tool that sounds like an STD and spreads your marketing like one too.

Quick Klaviyo Review Klaviyo. The first time I read the word I thought it might be some kind of ailment. Upon further investigation, I came to find out it’s a pretty wicked marketing tool. So wicked it can spread your marketing as fast as a disease, maybe even faster.  Klaviyo is the email marketing software […]

Omnisend Review: The all-powerful email marketing tool for e-commerce.

Quick Omnisend Review If you’ve stumbled upon this review, it’s probably because your email marketing resembles that of your most recent Tinder date—boring, expensive, and underwhelming. If you’re tired of clunky email interfaces that lack automation, Omnisend might be the light at the end of your tunnel. At 4 different tiers of pricing, Omnisend offers […]

GetResponse Review: The whole funnel – including webinars.

Quick GetResponse Review If you’re looking for a marketing tool as effective as your Swiss Army knife, you’ve found it here. GetResponse is a brawny eCommerce business solution built to tackle just about anything marketing. With 8 premium features and supporting sub-features, GetResponse is the omnichannel solution that makes small to medium businesses look and […]