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Pipedrive review: The CRM for stacking bills—not spending them.

The short-winded explanation of Pipedrive.  Pipedrive makes selling easier and more visually appealing, all without draining your bank account. It’s the CRM built by salespeople for salespeople to help businesses convert leads into cash.  Pipedrive delivers a complete CRM focused on activity-based selling that is displayed through visual pipelines. Basically, if you’re a visual learner, […]

7 best email marketing services for WordPress

There are over 31 million different blogs in the United States. Of those 31 million flinging words around, 77 million posts come directly from WordPress each month—that’s 924 million stories put into the world every year on WordPress alone.  From marketing advice to fitness regimes, and even professional potato chip reviews, you can pretty much […]

SendPulse Review: email marketing for scrappy entrepreneurs.

Quick SendPulse review. If you’re a small business owner, I’ll bet you’ve done a little of everything in your business. That’s part of getting an idea off the ground. You’ve probably also learned how to run on a Ramen budget. Unfortunately, that’s usually part of it as well. If you’ve found yourself wearing more hats […]

Ontraport Review: what email marketing hustle really looks like.

Quick Ontraport review for those in a rush. For the last decade, Aaron Draplin has been hustling. When he printed his first 200 small, rounded-edge notebooks, he didn’t think that his substitution for overdone memo pads would grow into a budding brand. Fast forward almost a decade, and Field Notes has become a cult of […]

Emma Review: the gal email marketers should pay attention to.

Let me tell you about My Emma. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But, I’m calling bullshit. I’m offering up a new phrase for this called the “Barracuda Effect”—and I’m coining this marketing term as my own.  The “barracuda effect” is where one’s attention is easily gripped by a shiny idea or […]

Keap Review: how one CRM sends 1 billion emails a month.

Quick Keap review. I wasn’t kidding when I wrote that title. Keap actually sends 1 billion emails a month—all without even calling themselves an email marketing software.  I, like you, am trying to picture what that many emails, hurling across the interweb, looks like. I imagine copywriters and content creators exchanging blows with their keyboards […]