Best crm for entrepreneurs

Best CRM Software for Entrepreneurs

You’ve heard Einstein’s definition of insanity, right? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If you’re reading this review, you’re probably experiencing this feeling, as your desk has been overcome by neon Post-It notes and chicken scratch strewn about loose paper. In an attempt to bring calm to the chaos, you’ve decided to invest in a CRM. 

That journey to find one has led you here. Whether you’re the amatuer entrepreneur or the seasoned veteran, you’ve quickly realized all the reviews you’ve scoured haven’t gotten you any closer to finding the right solution. Sounds a little insane, right? 

Here at SaaS Mule, we’re all about making the insane simple, with tools that kick some serious SaaS, and CRM’s do just that. Instead of boring you with another breakdown of what CRM means and what it can do for your brand, we are going to get to the meat of this juicy review. Grab your wallet; by the end of this you’re going to want to spend some money. 

Here are the Best CRM softwares for entrepreneurs:


Pipedrive is the weapon of choice for scaling teams–or at least that’s what they say. Known as the tool that saves time, it lets brands organize their sales process into a more effective and efficient funnel. Honestly, it’s one of the most badass CRM in the game. 

It lets you manage your leads and deals with visual pipelines as well as custom catalogs you can use to showcase your products. If you want to see exactly where you lead is in the funnel, you can hop in, mobile or desktop, and track all their activity. Once the lead is in the system, AI takes over, delivering timely messaging that moves them closer to a purchase.  


  • Essential – $15/user/mo
  • Advanced – $29/user/mo
  • Professional – $59/user/mo
  • Enterprise – $99/user/mo 

Who Pipedrive is for: Pipedrive is wicked simple and cost-friendly, making it a top choice for any brand, business, or hustle that wants to start scaling

Who Pipedrive is not for: If you’re looking for an omnichannel marketing tool that combines CRM, marketing, and customer support, Pipedrive isn’t going to be your first or best choice. 


Agile lives up to its name and has some serious power for those looking to get into CRM for the first time. Its complete suite of tools includes sales, marketing, and customer service, all of which are cloud-based and mobile-friendly. This is the solution that gets your brand up and running without putting a colossal dent in your wallet. 

For the marketers out there, it lets you craft full campaigns to engage with potential leads through email marketing and social media. Once you’ve hooked them, the sales tool does the rest, triggering a full automation system that delivers the right content to your lead until they’ve made a purchase. It’s pretty damn helpful, especially for those making a run at it solo. 


  • Free – up to 10 users 
  • Starter – $8.99/user/mo 
  • Regular $29.99/user/mo
  • Enterprise – $47.99/user/mo

Who Agile is for: This is for you first-timers—the entrepreneurial virgins. You’ve made it this far with pure hustle, now it’s time to scale, and Agile can help you do it fast and affordably. 

Who Agile is not for: Agile is not for the seasoned veterans. It lacks the automation power and dynamic capabilities you’re craving.  


Zoho CRM flaunts one of the more respected client lists in this review. With players like Netflix, Amazon, Suzuki, and Bose, they don’t play any games when it comes to client and lead management. Zoho helps scale your business without inflating your cost. 

With their simple and intuitive editor, you can craft modules for customer flows that fit your business operations. Blueprints help you outline the perfect sales funnel for each of your salespeople. And, just in case that wasn’t enough, it also has webinars that convert attendees into leads—kick-ass, right?  


  • Free Trial – 15 Days 
  • Standard – $18/mo for limited features
  • Professional – $30/mo for standard + additional features 
  • Enterprise – $45/mo for professional + additional features
  • Ultimate – $100/year for complete suite of features.  

Who Zoho is for: The brands looking for a complete CRM like Hubspot without paying the premium cost. Zoho can migrate your data fast and keep your brand moving. 

Who Zoho is not for: The beginner entrepreneur who’s never touched a CRM or had to look up the definition before this review. This has too much bulk for you. 


The name should sound familiar. Salesforce is the guerilla of this CRM group—sort of like the Mailchimp of email marketing. As an industry leader, Salesforce empowers small business and corporate champions alike, making sure they have the tools they need to manage their customers and constantly add more. 

Salesforce offers an exclusive, small business CRM that is focused on delivering the essentials for you to get started. You can streamline your pipeline—not a surfing term—and automate your marketing efforts to move leads toward a purchase. For those brands with an arsenal of marketing tools, Salesforce integrates with pretty much everything, so you won’t have to sacrifice your favorites. 


  • Essentials – $25/user/mo
  • Sales Professional – $75/user/mo
  • Pardot Growth – $1,250/mo 

Who Salesforce is for: If you’re looking for stats to back up your decision, Salesforce has plenty of them. Their users on average see 32% more leads and 26% more wins than those who don’t—I’ll let those numbers speak for themselves. 

Who Salesforce is not for: If you’re just starting out, Salesforce is simply too strong. You need something simple and intuitive your first time around. 

Less Annoying CRM

For those who have used a CRM before, you know the sheer pain of learning a new system. Some of us dread it more than Sunday brunch with our mom’s crazy aunt. Either way, that’s what Tyler King and his brother thought about all the other CRM software on the market. So they made something less annoying. 

Less Annoying CRM keeps it stupid simple. Contacts are kept in one place, with every detail documented, from phone calls to emails, social media likes to product purchases, you see it all. Lead reports keep you informed about each contact’s progress and your sales team performance, without adding unnecessary clutter. And just in case you weren’t sold, everything is accessible from a desktop, tablet, or phone—no app download necessary. 


  • Free – first 30 days 
  • Standard – $10/user/mo

Who Less Annoying CRM is for: The rookie entrepreneur should consider Less Annoying a top choice for their first CRM. For those who are tired of complex contracts and want to restore simplicity to your marketing and sales process, Less Annoying CRM has you covered. 

Who Less Annoying CRM is not for: The brands that rely on their CRM to do the heavy lifting. If you’re scaling at speed and need more than 10-15 users, this solution won’t scale at the rate you need. 


You’ve probably heard the name before. As a juggernaut in the marketing software space, Hubspot has secured its reputation as a bull built for scaling businesses and big hustlers. Its collection of tools makes it one of the most powerful and expensive solutions on the market. Lucky for you, their CRM is free—you heard that right, free. 

Hubspot is unique in that they offer their entire CRM tool completely free of charge. With unlimited contacts and unlimited users, it’s a new entrepreneurs dream—but there’s a catch. Many of the tools that Hubspot offers complement its CRM and are part of its marketing suite. This means if you’re all about tracking lead activity on your site or creating landing pages and forms, you’re going to need to jump into a full plan. 

Here are the numbers for you: 


  • Free – unlimited contacts
  • Starter -$40/mo for 1k contact.
  • Professional – $800/mo for 1k contacts
  • Enterprise – $3,200/mo for 1k contacts.

Who Hubspot is for: The brands that are looking to aggressively scale their business and leverage a CRM to make it happen. If you’re willing to fork over the extra cash, Hubspot’s additional features make it a top-tier marketing and management tool. 

Who Hubspot is not for: If you’re new to the entrepreneur game and you want to keep your operation as simple as possible. Hubspot is built for those who thrive on dynamic functionality and have experience under their belt.


Ontraport is an all-in-one marketing suite that offers email, CRM, and eCommerce capabilities. It’s pretty much the marketing multi-tool for small to medium businesses that want to get after it in their industry

What makes Ontraport a CRM worth your time is the personalization. For those in the scaling phase of their business, this is the tool that will have you tossing your Post-Its in the trash. When a lead comes in from a form or other source, Ontraport automatically indexes the age, gender, job title, budget, and more to make sure each contact is treated with a personal touch. 

Here’s what their pricing looks like at scale: 


  • Basic plan – $79/mo – 1k contacts/1 user/unlimited emails. 
  • Plus plan – $147/mo – 2.5k contacts/2 users/unlimited emails. 
  • Pro plan –  $297/mo – 1ok contacts/3 users/unlimited emails.
  • Enterprise plan – $497/mo – 20k contacts/ 200k email limit. 

Who Ontraport is for: The growing entrepreneur and brands. If you’ve found steady footing in your industry and want to start scaling like a madman, give Ontraport a try. Those already using Ontraport for their email marketing, should undoubtedly make this their CRM as well.  

Who Ontraport is not for: The rookie entrepreneur looking for an easy CRM to kick off their journey. Ontraport has more horsepower than you need at the moment, but don’t worry you’ll get there if you stick with us


Keap is the CRM that helps service-based businesses convert promising leads into prosperous clients. With a specialized focus in small business, it’s a go-to for those dipping their feet in the entrepreneurial pool

Honestly, Keap is a badass—that’s just the truth. It collects lead information through smart forms so you don’t have to prod people for information. Plus, you can also send branded invoices for those clients that you have to nudge when their payment date comes. And if that weren’t enough—yes, this is starting to sound a bit like an infomercial—their support team is top-notch. 

Those looking to get their paws on Keap will be looking at this kind of monthly charge:


  • Keap Grow: $79/mo for 500 contacts. 
  • Keap Pro: $149/mo for 500 contacts. 
  • Infusionsoft: $199/mo to 500 contacts. 

Who Keap is for: The small, service brands ready to organize their operation and start stacking cheddar, moolah, green, whatever you prefer. If you’re done with Excel spreadsheets and starred emails, this is your way out. 

Who Keap is not for

If you’re the big brand—you know the 7-8 figure type of brand—Keap might not have the strength you need to keep building your empire. 


Though it might sound like Agile’s twin brother, Nimble is a CRM all its own. With a precision focus on Office 365 and G Suite organizations, Nimble helps brands move with their customers and bring in new ones. 

It offers in-depth contact customization that pulls data from all your platforms. From social media channels to email marketing and even your accounting software, your lead information is stored all in one place. That data can then be used to create custom segments that inform your marketing automation and turn leads into deals. 


  • Free – 14-day trail
  • Business – $25/user/mo

Who Nimble is for: If you’re on Office 365 or G Suite, Nimble is the CRM for you. Their platform has been exclusively built to suit the needs of brands that operate using those systems. 

Who Nimble is not for: If you’re outside of Office 365 or G Suite, or if you’re looking for a CRM that can do more than the basics, Nimble will be too soft for your liking. 

Editor’s Choice

Every CRM has its perks and downfalls. As you start to grow your brand, you’ll develop a workflow and marketing funnel that fits your business and keeps your efforts moving forward. Every operation has its own needs and desires, and it might take a few different solutions before you find the one that works best. 

That being said, if you’re going to try one on this list first, it has to be Pipedrive. With their intuitive interface, powerful automation, and low monthly cost, it’s ideal for anyone who needs to bring organization to their operation. 

If you’re still unsure of what SaaS you might need, there’s a chance we’ve covered it in one of our other reviews. If this review kickstarted your entrepreneurial libido and you want a weekly dose of Grab Saas, sign up for our newsletter

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