Constant Contact Review

Constant Contact Review: A great choice for those who read email marketing for dummies.

Wealth of integrations, including Shopify. Contact management and high deliverability. Social media management.

Lacks advanced automation - like drag and drop campaign builders. Little to no form customization.

Constant Contact has a large suite of features, it's easy to use, and the pricing is very reasonable. This is a great choice for a small team looking to improve their email marketing (and overall marketing) efforts.

Quick Review of Constant Contact

Here’s the quick-and-dirty on Constant Contact: it’s simple, yet powerful, and very affordable.

If you’re the type of person who just wants to sell more of whatever you’re selling, and you don’t want a software that will belittle your intelligence, give Constant Contact a go (for free).

Starting at just $20 per month for the basic small business email plan, it gives you the functionality to send a 5-star email without feeling like you had to learn a programming language to do it. 

That said, the price varies based on your number of contacts. Between 15,000 and 25,000 contacts will cost you $225 per month. That sum stretches up to $415 per month when you hit the 55,000 contact mark (#listgoals). 

If you’re comfortable with paying more as you grow (and I hope you’d expect that regardless of what software you use) and are looking for a tool that makes marketing to your customers as intuitive as posting your political opinion on Facebook, Constant Contact might be for you.

Skip straight to the free trial.

How Constant Contact turned a baker into a marketer.

They’re not the largest email marketing service provider on the market (they serve roughly 600,000 customers compared to MailChimp’s 12 million), but their customers are obsessed with them, and they help businesses grow. Period.

Consider Andy King, a bakery owner in Salem, Massachusetts. Andy isn’t big enough to hire a marketing team, so he hired Constant Contact instead. Now, in the amount of time it takes him to brew a cup of coffee Andy is able to send a newsletter to people in his community and see sales go up that same day.

“I’m a baker. And with a little help from Constant Contact, I am a marketer” Andy says. 

Let me point out something profound about Andy’s story: he’s a baker. He didn’t start his business so he could tinker with software and fiddle with email templates. He did it so he could bake mouth-watering raisin walnut muffins and other tasty morsels for people he cares about. 

If you’re reading this, I imagine you’re a lot like Andy, wanting to spend more time on your craft and less time on your tech stack. Constant Contact can help those perfectly realistic dreams come true.

Now, allow me to address the question that’s swirling your brain like a delicious slice of cinnamon-raisin bread is swirling mine… 

How much does Constant Contact cost?

Constant Contact starts out with a free option, a $20 option, and a $45 option. 

Constant Contact Pricing

As your list grows, the price increases too.

You can’t calculate the price change from their home page, but you can once you have an account.

Constant Contact Price Breakdown

The breakdown looks like this: 

  • 15,001-25,000 Contacts: $225 / month
  • 25,001-30,000 Contacts: $295 / month
  • 30,001-35,000 Contacts: $315 / month 
  • 35,001-50,000 Contacts: $335 / month 
  • 50,001-55,000 Contacts: $395 / month 
  • 55,001-60,000 Contacts: $415 / month 

It can get costly, but not as costly as services like Hubspot, Omnisend, or Active Campaign. 

Email is the highlight of Constant Contact, there’s no doubt. But there’s more. Scroll to the next headline for the top five features to think about when deciding if Constant Contact is for you.

The Constant Contact features that compliment email: campaigns, contacts, reports, forms, and websites. 

Consider this five-features run-down your unofficial “Demo” of Constant Contact:

Constant Contact Features

Not just emails, campaigns: Not only does Constant Contact give you a wealth of campaign types to choose from, it’s also easy to set up. You select a list or segment you want to target, build the campaign, and hit the send button. 

Let me illustrate just how easy campaigns are to make and send…

I run a weekly newsletter that goes out on Wednesdays and Fridays. I’ve worked damn hard on that list (just like you have on your business) and my subscribers expect me to show up.

On a particularly busy Wednesday – one of those true hump-day Wednesdays where you feel like you keep falling off the camel –  it was noon, and panic set in as I remembered the email I failed to prepare for that day. With no access to a computer for several hours I was absolutely hosed. Then, the panic left, because I have the Constant Contact app. 

In a matter of 10 minutes I was able to write an “ok” email, send it to roughly 4,000 subscribers, and get a healthy 15% click-through rate on the call-to-action inside.

It was ridiculously easy and I felt like an email marketing savant when my boss praised the day’s email.

Thank you Constant Contact.

Contact management for a more personalized experience: Copywriting legend Gary Halbert had a theory that people sort their mail into two piles: the A pile and the B pile. The A pile is for mail people care about. It’s got hand-written letters from loved ones and personal, valuable pieces of mail from businesses. The B pile is for junk. The stuff we didn’t ask for, don’t want, and don’t care about.

Put simply, contact management in Constant Contact allows you to segment your list based on peoples’ unique details and send personalized messages so that more of your email ends up in the A pile.

Reports: See how your campaigns are performing at a glance and observe trends over time. You can see which content is resonating with people without making complicated research surveys. Like everything else in the platform, it saves you time.

Sign-Up Forms: You can manage and create sign up forms, landing pages, and Facebook lead generation forms inside too. 

Think of it like this: before, you had to navigate between your website, Facebook, and landing page builder to make all your forms. Now, you can manage all your forms and social media content from your email marketing software. 

That means more time, and more of those sweet raisin-walnut muffins to sell. 

Website: Last, you can build a full website inside Contact Contact. This feature is relatively new, so don’t expect the capabilities you might find in WordPress. But, if the intuitiveness of the email campaign builder is any indicator, Constant Contact websites will be a breeze to build, too. 

Who Constant Contact is for. 

For small to medium-sized businesses who need extra marketing help, but aren’t in a position to pay another salary, Constant Contact is a no-brainer to try. It saves you time and makes it so you don’t need to jump back and forth between platforms to manage all your marketing. 

Or, if you’re averse to complicated email marketing software and dread the time-sucking experience of navigating a hundred help articles to set up a single campaign, Constant Contact is for you. It’s simple interface and easy-to-use features will save you from “help article hell.”

Who Constant Contact is not for.

If you’ve A) got a team of A-List marketers with a knack for building complicated campaigns or B) are looking for an A-List marketer to take your campaigns to the next level, Constant Contact isn’t the tool you’re looking for. You’d be better suited for a software like Active Campaign or Keap

This is a tool for those who enjoy simplicity. It’s for the ones who just want to sell more of whatever they’re selling.

Final thoughts.

Constant Contact should be the email marketing provider of choice for readers of Email Marketing for Dummies. It’s powerful, affordable, and will give you the time you need to master your craft.


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