Drip Review

Drip Review: the world’s first eCommerce CRM.

Built specifically for eCommerce businesses. Segment by custom fields. Dashboards present data simply and effectively.

Expensive. Email builder templates are minimal.

Drip is built specifically for eCommerce and comes with a full suite of CRM features. It's not the right choice for a thrifty eCommerce brand, but it's a nice choice for an ambitious one.

A quick Drip review. 

Stop where you are if you think that this is going to be a review for email marketing software. Shame on you for even thinking that. 

This is Drip, the world’s first eCommerce Customer Relationship Management system. 

Yes, you heard me correctly, that’s ECRM.  

Drip empowers small and medium-sized eCommerce operations to deliver personalized marketing experiences that feel more human than the DMV—hard to believe, I know. With a short and pithy collection of features like behavior-based automation, real-time revenue dashboards, and dynamic customer segmentation, eCommerce brands can start bringing human connection to their digital operation. 

If you thought you were going to snag world-record software on the cheap, kick rocks now. Once you wrap up your 14-day free trial, Drip starts your rate at $49/mo for 1k subscribers—this includes all of their ECRM features. If your pockets are deep and your subscriber list long, you’ll find yourself paying $122/mo for 5k subscribers and $184/mo for 10k. 

This is a call to all eCommerce brands ready to take back their marketing and start showing their customers some real love across all your messaging. If you’re looking to do that and more, I’d tell you to check out Drip. 

If my elevator pitch wasn’t quite enough to get you going, keep those eyes moving down the page for a review of Drip that puts all the rest to shame.  

Get a little deeper into Drip. 

When David Cancel started Drip in 2013, there was a simple goal: to humanize automation. Off the cuff, this sounds like an interesting juxtaposition, but the Drip team knew this was something that the eCommerce players needed.

When everyone went big, Drip went small and built the first-ever eCommerce CRM. With a sharp focus on connecting smaller eCommerce businesses and their customers, in ways big CRM’s couldn’t, Drip cemented its name in eCommerce marketing from birth. They further showed their stripes by earning recognition from G2 as a Top 50 Fastest-Growing Product in 2019, putting them on the map as a marketing threat. 

Today, they play in their own arena, driven by CRM. Their software is all about leveraging data that puts power behind your messaging and makes customers feel more like people and less like an email address. 

I’m sure you’ve sent a few of those kinds of emails in the past, but don’t worry, that’s in the past. 

Now, I’m going to answer the question that’s been probing you from the beginning.  

How much does Drip cost?

Remember, this is not an email marketing software. Sure, we will get to talking about their email tool, but this is a CRM. In comparison to general CRM systems, Drip’s pricing is relatively similar for its eCommerce-focused solution. 

For those free trial junkies—the ones who will sell their soul for a knock off the price—you get a 14-day tryout with Drip before they started charging you for their service. Once your marketing muscles are warmed up, they charge you based on the size of your contact list.

If you have 1k subscribers, your rate will be $49/mo for all of their features. Say your list grows to 5k, you’re looking at a jump to $122/mo. And if you’re trying to build a world record email list starting at 10k subscribers, be ready to put down $184/mo. 

If you’re more of a visual learner, take a look at these helpful screenshots I personally grabbed for you. 

I’ll be the first to say it, Drip is not the cheapest solution out there. But, in their defense, they are one of few solutions out there specializing in eCommerce. Props to them for having some serious foresight. 

Either way, I don’t expect you to be sold without knowing any of their features, so here they are. 

The “Elite 8” features of Drip. 

  • Segmentation: Drip killed it with this tool. Not only can you create custom segments determined by tags and events, but you can also add custom fields. You want to talk about precision marketing, this makes you a sharpshooter when it comes to blasting inboxes. And, no more arduous lists. 
  • Tags & Custom Fields: Segmentation just went a little deeper with this feature. With tags, you can gain insight into how people interact with your brand and then mark that individual profile with custom fields. 
  • Automation: Drip’s behavior-based automation lets you connect with customers in the most critical parts of their journey. Because you are pulling real-time data through the CRM, you can create rules and flows that put tailored messages in front of each one of your subscribers.
  • Integrations: Drip doesn’t flex the largest suite of integrations but there are some that pack heat.  Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce to name a few. As an added bonus, they offer an integration with Zapier—the catalyst for many third-party integrations. 
  • Email Creation: This is where Drip falls short. As of now, they don’t really offer any kinds of templates to pull from. Sure, you can add some of your own logos to them, but if your professional title lacks the word designer, there’s a good shot you’re going to be sending some stodgy messaging. 
  • Facebook & Instagram: Like other CRMs, Drip does offer some tools to manage Facebook and Instagram ad content. This is the feature that helps you line up and schedule your social and email together, so you don’t look like an amateur. 
  • Automatic Revenue Attribution: As a CRM-based solution, this is where Drip thrives. Take a look at deep data to determine what marketing efforts are working and which aren’t. Then use real-time reporting to inform how you execute strategy moving ahead. It’s all about giving the people what they want. 
  • Dashboards: Stop shuffling between tabs, looking at reports. Their dashboard is set up for you to draw quick comparisons and attribute revenue to subscribers. 

Most readers who’ve made it this far are already pulling out their wallets and punching in their credit card numbers. If you or your brand resonates with anything in the following sentences, you should do the same. 

Who Drip is for. 

If you’re a small and powerful eCommerce brand who has been let down by other CRM solutions, this is your redemption. 

If you have a snowballing subscriber list that you should know better through data collection, stop waiting because this is what you need. 

If you’re an eCommerce brand who is ready to bring human connection to your marketing, Drip might be your next new solution. 

Who Drip is not for.

The eCommerce stores just starting out, that need a simple email marketing tool to maintain their subscriber list without much technical overhead. 

eCommerce operations with shallow pockets and fear of numbers, graphs, or anything related to math. 

If you want a tool with a diverse library of email templates and customization capabilities.

Final thoughts.

Drip seems to be thriving on its own in the eCommerce world. It has hit all those other basic CRMs with an uppercut and continues to deliver knockout marketing. If you want your marketing to have the same impact, give Drip a serious consideration.


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