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7 Best email marketing services for Shopify.

Breakups are hard, we’ve all been there. They say there are 5 stages of grief that help people cope with loss, but they weren’t ready for the breakup of Shopify and Mailchimp. 

I, like you, was at first in denial of the entire idea—how could they tear apart one of eCommerce’s favorite couples? This then led to anger. Anger toward Mailchimp for being a stuck-up asshat and anger toward Shopify for being stubborn. As the finality of this divorce set in, I resorted to bargaining—pleading with the two to reconsider, hoping my desperation would stir some semblance of sympathy, but it went unnoticed. 

Now, if you’re tired of feeling like this and you’ve been looking to get your paws on a juicy new email marketing tool, this is where you’re going to find it. 

Whether your Shopify store is an email marketing virgin, or it has a few notches on the bedpost, these are 7 email solutions that kick some serious SaaS—one of which spreads your marketing faster than an STD on a college campus. 

If you’re ready to start slinging emails and stacking benjamins on your Shopify store, this review will have you begging your bookkeeper for a fresh check and a ballpoint pen. 

7 email marketing tools for Shopify.  

  • Klaviyo – the email marketing software using data to blast inboxes and build brand armies. 
  • GetResponse – the email marketing multitool for Shopify brands that want an all-in-one funnel solution, including webinars.
  • Drip – the world’s first eCommerce customer relationship management tool.  
  • iContact – simple email marketing driven by southernly-hospitable support and affordable pricing.
  • Omnisend – the email solution catapulting campaigns across all platforms and digital devices. 
  • Campaign Monitor – the solution that brings a little of everything you need to email marketing efforts.
  • AWeber – deliver digital messaging without dreading debt, the solution for anyone reading this list that’s shopping on price.

How to pick the right email marketing service for Shopify. 

What should your ESP do? 

It’s true, there are so many ESP options out there, and picking the right one is hard as hell—Especially for Shopify merchants that have specific requirements and needs. Whether you’re new to the Shopify game or you’ve been in it a minute, it’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for in an ESP. 

Since you’re reading this review, I am going to assume you might not know these, so write them down, hell, tattoo them on your arm if you need to. Whatever you do, never forget them: 

“The Mule’s Rules”

  • Forms & Sign-Ups – You can’t just walk into someone’s inbox uninvited—you’re asking for a serious ass-kicking. Forms and Sign-Ups are the first steps in your journey of growing digital disciples, and your ESP should allow you to do it with ease.
  • Email Templates – Not everyone has a degree in design—in fact, most of us don’t. For this reason, I would say it’s necessary to have multiple email templates you can use for different campaigns. If you do have some front-end talent, the ability to enter custom HTML is a major plus. 
  • Automation & Segmentation – this is the core of email marketing right here. Having contacts is one thing, but sending the right messages to each of them is a completely different beast. Using simple segments and rugged automation to do the work for you, eliminates the need for arduous manual labor and allows you to look ahead at future campaigns.  
  • Deliverability & Reporting – how are you supposed to know what your people like, hate, and absolutely envy? Your ESP needs to have in-depth reporting around bounce rate, open rate, and click-through, otherwise you’ll be shooting in the dark. 
  • Importation & Migration – You’ve done everything to get your Shopify store where it is today. Don’t let some inexperienced solution move your precious data and contact information. Your ESP should allow you to integrate with the platform, and migrate/import contacts from your Shopify store or previous ESP. 
  • Support – If you think you can do this entire Shopify thing alone, you’re wrong. When it comes to managing the day to day messaging of your brand, your ESP should be able to provide support around questions you have or issues you are running into. Human support always beats robot support—never underestimate this. 
  • Platform Transparency – Many stores suffer from technology stitching—the act of haphazardly combining different apps and integrations to run a singular operation. We don’t want you to suffer from this, so make sure that your ESP allows native integrations between your most-used apps and services. You’d hate to get that far and not have your most helpful tools.
  • Documentation – In-person or phone support should always be the first choice for your ESP. For those smaller questions, the ones you should know but don’t, you need solid documentation. Check to see what kind of documentation your ESP provides about their product and services. Sometimes the answer you’re looking for is right in front of your face.

Here’s the quick and dirty on the Shopify email marketing options. 

Klaviyo Review

Klaviyo is the email marketing solution driven by data. With a focus on listening, analyzing, and acting on customer’s actions, they bring Shopify stores closer to their people through data collection. Yes, their name might sound like an STD, but it sure as hell will spread your marketing like one too. 


  • $30/mo for 2.5k contacts
  • $100/mo for 5k contacts
  • $150/mo for 10k contacts

Klaviyo Features 

  • Profiles: Klaviyo takes you deeper into your customer relationship offering a profile feature that gives you a full historical view of each contact’s interactions with your brand. From clicks to page views, everything is tracked, giving you clear insight into what they like, and what they really don’t. 
  • Segmentation: It would be a shame not to capitalize on Klaviyo’s rugged data collection capabilities. Hence why they built an equally buff segmentation feature that lets you create lists based on specific criteria such as average order value, shopping preference, even email provider. 

Who Klaviyo is for: The Shopify brand that wants to deliver a personalized customer experience to all of its people, without having to stitch solutions together. With Klaviyo’s massive amount of data collection, you can start showing customers exactly what they crave across all your messaging. 

Who Klaviyo is not for: If you find yourself overwhelmed by large data, graphs make you sick to your stomach, or triple-digit monthly bills cause fainting, I’d tell you to stay away. 

Read the full Klaviyo review.

Try Klaviyo.

GetResponse Review

GetResponse is the email marketing equivalent of a Swiss Army knife. Each of the features helps brands grow with their customers, and when combined, brings a new level of capabilities to Shopify merchants. If marketing with muscle gets you juiced up, GetResponse has what you need. 


  • Free first 30 days
  • Basic Plan: $25/mo for 2.5k contacts
  • Plus Plan: $59/mo for 2.5k contacts
  • Professional Plan: $119/mo for 2.5k contacts
  • Enterprise Plan: Lists over 100,000 contacts email their team.

GetResponse Features

  • Automation: Tailored customer journeys keep people coming back, it’s just a fact. GetResponse offers one of the most diverse automation features, letting you create virtually any customer flow you prefer, no matter the complexity. This badass lets you set dozens of criteria like conditions, actions, and filters to create specific journeys for each of your faithful followers. 
  • Templates: For those who lack the creative chromosome, GetResponse flaunts one of the larger template galleries in email marketing. With 220+ email templates, 180+ landing page templates, and 700+ web form templates, I’d be thoroughly impressed if you run out of options. 
  • Webinars: GetResponse stands out with its integration of webinars. That’s not a function you find with most email marketing software options.

Who GetResponse is for: The Shopify brand with a large customer base and a craving for robust automation. GetResponse doesn’t play around when it comes to pounding inboxes at the right time with the right message, so if that piques your interest, I’d say go for it. You should also have GetResponse at the top of your list if you’re already using (or plan to use) webinars.

Who GetResponse is not for: If you’re new to the Shopify game, and your budget is the same as it was in college, this is going to be far beyond your price range. 

Read our full GetResponse review.

Try GetResponse now for free.

Drip Review

Besides the great name, Drip also likes to take the cake for the world’s first-ever ECRM. With a focus on data-driven decision making, it’s a software built exclusively for eCommerce competitors. For those ready to send record-setting emails that bring humanity back to your marketing, Drip can make it happen. 


  • $49/mo for 2k contacts
  • $122/mo for 5k contacts
  • $184/mo for 10k contacts

Drip Features

  • Reporting: Drip likes to flaunt their reputation as the only ECRM, and their reporting feature backs it up. With tons of data coming in, Drip lets you see real-time revenue and identify your potential best customers through revenue attribution. 
  • Social Media: As a multi-channel solution, Drip knows that marketing doesn’t stop at the inbox. That’s why it lets you schedule out targeted ads for Facebook and Instagram, so your people never miss a message from you. 

Who Drip is for: If you’re a Shopify store with some history and a desire for something with more character and capabilities, like a fully operable CRM, Drip will wet your whistle nicely. 

Who Drip is not for: The Shopify store that has no design team. If you’re looking for a diverse collection of templates for emails, forms, and landing pages, you’re not going to find it here.  

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iContact Review

iContact has been in the email marketing game longer than most because they’ve always kept it simple. Sporting a comprehensive collection of features and a support team that’s more friendly than a Chick-Fil-A employee, their solution goes back to the roots of good email marketing.


  • 30-day free starter plan
  • Base & Pro Plan: $36 & $72/mo for 2.5k contacts
  • Base & Pro Plan: $59 & $118/mo for 5k contacts
  • Base & Pro Plan: $89 & $178/mo for 10k contacts

iContact Features

  • A/B Split Testing: Anyone can test an email subject line, which is why iContact lets you test everything in your emails. From content to CTA, images to color schemes, you can send any list a test email to see what content will convert to cash. 
  • Support: I don’t think anyone could be more friendly than iContact support—it’s southern hospitality at its finest. Not only do they offer email, phone, and chat support, but also a complete team of marketing experts. For those with deep pockets, you can leverage their entire marketing crew to help grow your operation. 

Who iContact is for: The Shopify store that wants to keep email marketing as simple as possible. If you liked the days of Mailchimp and you’re craving something similar, iContact has everything needed to keep your email marketing going strong. 

Who iContact is not for: The larger Shopify brands, those boasting a 50k list or more, that want to send dynamic content such as video or transactional emails. 

Read our full iContact review.

Omnisend Review

Omnisend is a bulky solution that will beef up your marketing effort across all messaging platforms. From email and SMS to Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, this tool keeps you connected with customers everywhere. If you want to bring some large-caliber ammunition to your email marketing, Omnisend should be at the top of your list. 


  • Free Plan: 15k emails/month
  • Standard Plan: $60/mo for 5k contacts & 60k emails
  • Pro Plan: $199/mo for 5k contacts & 75k emails.  

Omnisend Features

  • Channels: Omnisend’s name speaks for itself. Their channel feature lets you create full campaigns that are dispersed across all platforms—email, Facebook, SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and browser. If you like the sound of endless phone notifications, this feature will really get you going.   
  • Forms: You get what you pay for with Omnisend. Those forking over the big bills have access to a custom form builder as well as unique forms like a wheel of fortune. 

Who Omnisend is for: The bulky Shopify stores playing in large markets. If you want to stop technology stitching and unite your marketing effort under one platform, Omnisend will make it happen. 

Who Omnisend is not for: The starter Shopify shops with low budgets and short lists. This is a marketing gunslinger with a little too much power—you’ll shoot your eye out. 

Try Omnisend now.

Read our full Omnisend review.

Campaign Monitor Review

Campaign Monitor is the frontman of the marketing technologies group CM. As the premier product, it helps brands deliver elevated email messaging to hungry audiences. If you’re a Shopify store with a taste for the luxurious side of marketing, Campaign Monitor should be your next order. 


  • Free trial under 5 contacts 
  • Basic: $49/mo for 5k contacts 
  • Unlimited: $99/mo for 5k contacts 
  • Premier: $149/mo for 5k contacts 

Campaign Monitor Features

  • Segmentation: Campaign Monitor’s segmentation capabilities are hard to beat. With deep personalization like location, gender, and last activity, each contact can be added to segmented lists that are automated by customer triggers. 
  • Analytics: Campaign Monitor goes beyond the opens, clicks, and bounces, letting you see into each contact’s interactions with your messaging. If you’re looking to know your customers better than you know yourself, this is right for you. 

Who Campaign Monitor is for: The Shopify stores with contact lists under 25k should consider this a frontrunner. Though the Premier plan is pricey, the full feature suite proves it’s worth the extra cost. 

Who Campaign Monitor is not for: If you’re a booming Shopify brand with a growing list and a tight fist, this solution will have you hiding your wallet. 

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AWeber Review

AWeber is the email marketing software for beginner Shopify stores. With a complete collection of features and one of the lowest pricing plans around, it gets you off the bench and into the game. If you’re missing the basic ingredients for email marketing, give AWeber a shot. 


  • $29/mo for 2.5k contacts and all features
  • $49/mo for 5k contacts and all features
  • $69/mo for 10k contacts and all features

AWeber Features

  • AMP Capabilities: AWeber likes to flex on its competitors with their AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) feature, which gives subscribers the ability to book appointments, sign-up for newsletters, even leave a product reviews all within an email.
  • Mobile Apps: AWeber knows that your work goes everywhere with you, so they created a suite of mobile apps for hardcore hustlers. Whether it’s tracking campaign reports, adding new subscribers, or creating and sending emails directly from your phone, this is a feature others can’t compete with.

Who AWeber is for: The brand new Shopify store, fresh out of the wrapper. If you’re looking for a comprehensive email marketing tool that can hit inboxes and won’t break your bank account, AWeber is a solid place to start. 

Who AWeber is not for: If your contact list exceeds 20k or you’re dropping email marketing bombs all over the place, this won’t have the horsepower you need. 

Try AWeber now.

Read our full AWeber review.

Editor’s Choice

Obviously, there’s a SaaSload of email marketing software you can get your hands on. Whether you just started your Shopify store last week, or you’ve been hammering inboxes for the last decade, you owe it to your customers to deliver engaging content that makes them proud to be part of your consumeristic cult. 

That being said, if you want an email marketing solution that will elevate your game and have you slinging messages to the masses, my editor’s choice is Klaviyo. With a complete arsenal of marketing features, a strong support team, and a pricing structure that is friendly to growing lists, it has everything you need to convert contacts to cash. 


Whether you’re an eCommerce crusader, business behemoth, or everyday hustler, email marketing should be at the top of your priority list. Every brand has their own needs and desires, we are just here to be your matchmakers.

These 7 solutions are just a peep show of all the email marketing software you can dabble with if you’re into creating digital disciples and stacking bills. We have plenty more SaaS to grab in our other reviews, so don’t be shy, give another one a read.    

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