Emma Review

Emma Review: the gal email marketers should pay attention to.

Emma is built with restaurants, nonprofits, universities, and franchises in mind. A/B split testing and auto subject selection.

Emma is expensive compared to other email marketing services. Lack of eCommerce platform integrations.

Listen, she’s one hell of a tool, but you have to be willing to put down some cash if you want everything she has. If you’re the restaurant, nonprofit, or university, ready to upgrade your email marketing, I’d recommend considering Emma as your next marketing hire.

Let me tell you about My Emma.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But, I’m calling bullshit. I’m offering up a new phrase for this called the “Barracuda Effect”—and I’m coining this marketing term as my own. 

The “barracuda effect” is where one’s attention is easily gripped by a shiny idea or notion that is quickly adopted by the masses, with no regard for detail. Before you know it, the meaty idea is ripped down to its bones and left for dead. 

Restaurants really seem to struggle with this problem. I bet if you checked your inbox right now, you’d have at least 4 emails from various restaurants—all of which are probably pretty damn similar. Are you going to dine at any of those restaurants tonight? I highly doubt it. 

But let me tell you, there’s a  solution. Her name is Emma.

She is an email marketing software transforming restaurants, franchises, and universities. With a suite of elite and effective email marketing tools, Emma helps brands deliver specialized campaigns that really connect with subscribers. From email marketing templates and custom HTML to dynamic segmentation and automation, she’s got some features that will make you crazy for her. 

But it’s going to cost you. 

Their pro package (which is actually their lowest level) runs at a pricey $89/month for 10,000 contacts, which includes their basic features. If you’re looking to step up, you’re going to fork over a solid $159/month for additional users and unlimited workflows. If you want everything she’s got (and I do mean everything), Emma HQ will cost you roughly $229/month. 

If you’re a restaurant that’s tired of your emails looking like leftovers or a university sending emails that feel more like grade school than graduate, Emma could be your next big marketing hire. 

I’ll tell you why…

Here’s the full story about this gal, Emma. 

Emma is a part of the CM Group crew that was founded in 2017 (although My Emma has been around longer). As a brand that offers a variety of marketing solutions, CM raised her alongside her digital siblings, Campaign Monitor and Delivra

With the operational motto, “email marketing that works for you,” she does just that. Whether it’s developing segmented campaigns that sling emails to locals advertising the new Wednesday happy hour menu or monitoring how many eager college freshmen opened your most recent event announcement, Emma has the features to make some noise with your email marketing. 

Just don’t expect to kick it with Emma on the cheap…

How much does Emma cost?

Here at SaaS Mule, we like to be brutally honest because we know you don’t have time for any grab-saasing. So let me cut right to the chase here; Emma isn’t a cheap date. If you’re in the business of pinching pennies and stretching Benjamins, I’d recommend reading our review for GetResponse

Like most email marketing services, Emma’s pricing is determined by features. The more features you want, the more cash you say goodbye to. If you’re running a solo operation and only need one user account, Emma will cost you $89/month. Say you’re a growing brand and need a few more user accounts and some additional bells and whistles… expect to bring that number up to $159/month for 10,000 contacts. And if you are looking to harness all the power she has, grab hold of your wallet, it’s going to be $229/month. 

I’m sure like me, you laughed your ass off reading this the first time. I too was pretty thrown off by the big numbers. But as I’ve explored all the features Emma has, I’m starting to realize maybe I’m the ass here.

Features of Emma 

  • Landing Pages: Stop building landing pages by hand. Emma has a simple drag-and-drop editor along with custom URLs. Here, you can publish and edit content that is driven by Google Analytics, and also build quick forms that grow your contact list. 
  • Email Marketing: Getting subscribers is easy, but Emma keeps them coming back. With the ability to deliver dynamic content on a variety of templates, as well as custom HTML editing, the days of sending stale emails are over. 
  • A/B Testing: Every screen-shattering good email needs some strong copy. With Emma’s A/B Testing tool, you can send potential subject lines to actual subscribers and receive real-time feedback on their performance. From there, it automatically sends the better subject line to the remainder of your list. 
  • Segmentation: Not all restaurant-goers and students are the same. If you think they are, stop what you’re doing and get with a brand strategist right away. Emma’s segmentation tool creates specific segments that let subscribers opt-in or out of different types of content. You want to send your wine tasting campaign to 40-year-old women who live in the Midwest? Emma makes it happen. 
  • Automation: Her automation tool is similar to many others to be perfectly blunt. You can create easy funnels, triggered by actions taken both inside and outside the inbox. Standard, but always effective. 
  • Analytics: Emma’s analytical tools collect real-time information regarding campaign performances, provide side-by-side comparisons, and locate where users venture on your emails. She keeps you informed so you can send the right messages to your entire audience at the right time. 

  • Emma HQ: If you have a few extra zeros in the bank account, Emma HQ will really rock your marketing department. With an unlimited number of accounts and a full-service support team,  you can control all your email marketing in one place. Manage your branded templates and set permissions for certain users who have access to your administrative dashboard. 

I told you, she’s definitely worth your while. 

But before you start signing a check to her, you should know if she’s the right fit for you. 

Who Emma is for. 

If you’re a restaurant or university who’s ready to do email marketing differently, Emma has the features and support to help you send emails that people actually want to read. It’s time to stop looking like a motel 

If you’re a brick and mortar-focused brand that uses your email list to drive events, in-person experiences, campaigns, and more, Emma has a robust campaign management system so you can keep your focus on in-house operations. 

Who Emma is not for.  

If you’re a growing brand that wants an omnichannel tool, this won’t satisfy your needs. Read this review if you’re looking for email marketing that hits like a locomotive.

If you play with the big eCommerce platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, you’re going to need some more power. I’d tell you to head over to our review for Klaviyo—it’s legit.

If you’re a small operation or a creator of content, maybe blogging about bluegrass string bands or sharing your latest painting masterpiece, this has too much horsepower. I’d recommend taking a look at ConvertKit

Final thoughts.

Listen, she’s one hell of a tool, but you have to be willing to put down some serious cash if you want everything she has. If you’re the restaurant or university, ready to change the way you message your audiences, I’d recommend considering Emma as your next marketing hire. 


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