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Keap Review: how one CRM sends 1 billion emails a month.

Keap is built specifically for the small, service-based businesses. More than just email. Customizable pipeline dashboard. 1-click quotes and invoicing.

More expensive than most CRMs and definitely more expensive than most email marketing software. Lack of integrations with major platforms. Built for contact lists <500.

If you're a small service business looking for a robust suite of CRM and email marketing features, give Keap a serious look.

Quick Keap review.

I wasn’t kidding when I wrote that title. Keap actually sends 1 billion emails a month—all without even calling themselves an email marketing software. 

I, like you, am trying to picture what that many emails, hurling across the interweb, looks like. I imagine copywriters and content creators exchanging blows with their keyboards as they draft message after message, each word grinding their creative patience to dust. In my head, that looks something like this… 

As the 1 billion strong descend upon inboxes, the only thing steering them in any direction is a CRM. It’s the buffer that stops clients from receiving untimely welcome emails or potential leads getting hit with a surprise invoice. Basically, it’s what makes you impress the hell out of your current clients and facilitates the new ones coming in. 

This is Keap—the CRM that helps service-based businesses convert promising leads into prosperous clients. 

Like most CRMs, Keap offers a selection of tools that empower businesses to connect with leads. With custom automation, email marketing capabilities, robust reporting, and other features, they make you look even more professional than you already are—giving you some benefit of the doubt here of course.

I’ll cut right to the meat of this by saying you should start with their “Pro” plan, which goes for $149/mo and includes a sizeable list of features. For those who have a thicker wallet, their “InfusionSoft” plan runs you $199/mo which has every feature you could possibly ever want in its arsenal. The old adage, “you have to spend money to make money” applies here. If dollar signs make you nauseous, I’m going to recommend you check out a different CRM.

But if you’re a service brand ready to throw out the mountain of post-its accumulating on your desk, and actually convert leads, Keap is the CRM to make it happen. 

This is a review of Keap in less than 1 billion words. 

There are certain things that really bother me. Forgetting mint in a Moscow mule is a big one and extra-long receipts from the grocery store are a close second. But if there is one thing that is the spawn of Satan himself, its clutter. Physical clutter, mental clutter, any kind of clutter really, is what drives some to insanity, myself included. 

Hell when I first started this review, my mind was packed to the brim with clutter. 

I’m sure if you’re reading this, you and clutter have also been at odds for a while now. It has tried to sink its claws into your business with handwritten notes, starred emails, and one-off digital exchanges. It has forced you to put all your marketing in an Excel sheet where it sits abandoned and neglected. 

Seeing businesses operate like this sucks, so Keap decided to do something about it. 

In 2004, brothers Scott and Eric Martineau launched their first script under the brand Infusionsoft. With a focus on managing sales leads, the script organized potential lead information into lists that could be automated to certain workflows. CRMs had been around for a minute, but Infusionsoft was making it easier for service-based businesses to manage and automate their entire marketing effort. 

Almost two decades later, the expansion of their feature collection speaks to the growth spurt that hit the brand. In 2019, they rebranded with the name Keap, while maintaining their mission to create more business with less work. 

With the small business in mind, their features are developed for those brands ready to house all their marketing efforts in one place. If those old CRMs and email software weren’t tickling your technical acumen enough, Keap has the features you’ve been looking for. 

I know the next question you are going to ask, so before you do, jump on down to the next section. 

How much does Keap cost? 

If you’re in the search for a new CRM, you’ve probably spent hours looking at price comparison charts and feature lists. I’ll warn you now, Keap’s pricing takes a few steps up from what you’re used to seeing, but with it, comes some SaaS-kicking features. 

For small service operations, the creative laborers and solo hustlers, their Grow plan runs at $79/mo for a limited collection of features. Say your operation is thriving, but the lead management could be better, Keap’s Pro plan offers a larger grouping of features that blends automation with CRM for $149/mo. 

Bumping up to their top tier, Keap delivers Infusionsoft—the comprehensive suite of CRM features that takes your marketing from pedestrian to powerful. At $199/mo, this is ranked the #3 software for marketing and CRM automation for small businesses.

If you’re more of a visual learner, or if you just need a break from reading, check out their pricing chart. 

I know, this is not the cheapest CRM on the market. But, here are a few things the boring reviews miss: 

  • It doesn’t matter which plan you choose, Keap offers data migration support when you decide to finally cut it off with your old and busted CRM. Migrating data can be a real b*tch if you haven’t experienced it, and for those who have, you know the struggle. 
  • 1:1 coaching means you aren’t left to your own devices with this marketing weapon. Coaches work with your brand for the first 30 days to bring you and your operation up to speed. 
  • Keap is a CRM for service-based brands— for the creative independents, daily craftsmen, and idea traders. You’re not going to be fighting against million-dollar moguls for support and service.

For those who are still puzzled by the dollar signs in front of this software, let me clear the air and explain some features. 

Features of Keap.

  • CRM: Keap’s CRM tool houses all customer data and information here, where you can quickly access any interaction you’ve had with a customer or potential lead. You can’t do it all, which is why Keap allows you to create custom, highly-personalized responses and messages that can be triggered by customer actions. Compared to other CRMs who will remain unnamed, this one is a real bully.
  • Email Marketing: Like the title said, they sling 1 billion emails a month. If that doesn’t speak for itself, just let their flexible email templates, deep segmentation, and split A/B testing reinforce my point. 
  • Messaging: This is a feature some CRMs tend to lack, but Keap steps it up and delivers a well-rounded messaging system. Whether its SMS, email, or business line, you can view conversation history and stay in touch with potential opportunities pretty much anywhere, anytime. 
  • Pipeline: If organization is your enemy, the Pipeline is the feature you’ll be most stoked on. This customizable dashboard lets you set up lead flows, which can trigger emails and messages to be sent to ripe leads ready for the next step. 
  • Automation: Across the board, Keap’s automation is stellar. From email to CRM, this software’s lifeblood is automation, and it performs as such.
  • Quotes and Invoices: If you’re serious about marketing you should know it’s all in the details. Keap took this to heart with a feature that lets you send branded quotes that clients can pay with a single click. And for all those who are living that alternative payment lifestyle, Keap accepts Venmo and PayPal as well. 
  • Integrations: Their integration list is small. But for those who are in need of the basics, it’s got you covered.
  • Reporting: Keap brings it home with some serious reporting and analytics. You can track all campaign details and activity history, while also seeing projected revenue based on current performance. 

Keap’s feature collection is pretty damn robust, so much so that I just wanted to give you a brief rundown. I’d encourage you to venture over to their site and check out more if your marketing appetite is dripping with anticipation. 

Now I’m going to tell you who should start pulling out their check book, and who should read our review for Drip—the less sexy, but equally strong eCommerce CRM tool we like here at SaaS Mule. 

Who Keap is for. 

The service-based business that wants to consolidate your customer and client engagement effort under one powerful umbrella. If Excel spreadsheets are starting to make you question your sanity, Keap might be the marketing medicine you need. 

If you’re the entrepreneur whose lead list is growing but your marketing operation is crashing. Keap is the navigator that can keep you moving in the right direction without adding more passengers. 

Who Keap is not for. 

Brands that need a robust CRM for a big list. This will not have the speed and impact you need. I’d give our Drip review a read.

If you’re a service-based brand who keeps it tight between the paychecks and is looking to keep it budget-friendly, I would safely tell you Keap is off the table. 

Final thoughts.

Keap is a tool built for those who do great work for others. You’ve worked hard to deliver fantastic service to your clients and Keap is the tool that works just as hard to help you do that. For those willing to fork over the cash, I’d recommend Keap as a go-to for CRM and email. 


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