Klaviyo Review

Klaviyo Review: the tool that sounds like an STD and spreads your marketing like one too.

Drag and drop editor is simple and intuitive. Wide variety of flow templates in the flow library. Robust data collection and analytics.

Exclusive to eCommerce. SMS marketing is a separate feature with different costs. Saying the name is tough.

If you're running an eCommerce shop and need to make data-driven decisions, Klaviyo is a fantastic choice. The only negative is pronouncing and spelling the name, but we can look past that for all of the things it brings to the table.

Quick Klaviyo Review

Klaviyo. The first time I read the word I thought it might be some kind of ailment. Upon further investigation, I came to find out it’s a pretty wicked marketing tool. So wicked it can spread your marketing as fast as a disease, maybe even faster. 

Klaviyo is the email marketing software that empowers eCommerce brands through data. Here, they are all about the numbers, flashing features such as data science and in-depth reporting that delivers real-time information about your growing customer base. By listening, analyzing, and acting on customer input, they place brands in the position to create tailored customer experiences. 

With a standard tiered pricing model, they don’t hold back on giving you all the features that even the top dogs have. If you’re part of the >1k sub club, their service will only cost you $30/mo for the entire suite of features. Say your list is around 5k, you’re looking at a moderate rate of $100/mo. And if you consider yourself an ace at growing lists and you’re over 10k subscribers, it will cost you roughly $150/month. 

If you’re an eCommerce brand that is looking to infect people with personalized marketing, I’d encourage you to keep reading because this might be the solution for you. If your brand enjoys arguing over the pronunciation of words and find this one particularly compelling, definitely continue reading. 

Give me the Klaviyo.

How to infect customers with Klaviyo. 

Data can be pretty damn boring. Of course, coming from someone who puts together words for a living, that’s an obvious bias. But, as we all know data is everything in today’s digital economy. Hell, you have brands like Mailchimp refusing to share customer data with trusted partners. It’s really a wild world out there in eCommerce. 

But for all complications that surround data, I found the one email marketing software that actually makes data fun. Ok, not fun, but definitely more bearable. 

Founded in 2012 in Boston (pronounced it “Bah Stahn”), Klaviyo saw a gap in email marketing wider than the holes in the Patriot’s defense. At the time, plenty of brands were collecting valuable data from customers, but not taking advantage of it at all. 

This is where Klaviyo took it upon themselves to deliver a solution that eliminated stitching a SaaS-load of technologies together to drive marketing efforts. Instead, they housed it all in one place, where users could collect customer info, analyze trends and audiences, and deliver targeted messaging that makes other brands look pre-colonial. 

Today, they serve over 28,000 businesses in 80+ countries and yes, I can guarantee you nobody knows how to pronounce their name correctly. Because I don’t want you to sound as stupid as I did the first time it spilled out my mouth, here is how to say it: Clay + V + Oh. Now when you call them to start your new plan, you won’t sound like an amateur. 

Speaking of amateurs, if you’re new here to SaaS Mule, allow me to smoothly take you to the section that will answer all those questions churning in your brain. 

How much does Klaviyo cost? 

As a business owner or marketing manager, I’m sure when you hear terms like “data”, “dynamic technologies”, or “innovative solutions” your gut reaction is to grab your wallet. Don’t worry we’ve all been there. 

Klaviyo is not one of those anxiety triggers, in fact, I’d tell you they relieve anxiety around creating great marketing messages—call them a marketing masseuse of sorts. Either way, you won’t have to break the bank to connect with your customers when you go this route. 

Here’s the lowdown.

Klaviyo wants you to use all the ass-kicking features they’ve created even if your email list resembles your weird aunt’s Instagram following. So whether your slinging emails to 10 people or 10,000, you get to harness all their marketing power. The only difference is cost. 

For those brands with a subscriber list under 1k you’re looking at $30/month. Not too bad for getting your feet wet. The brands who are aggressively growing and flaunt a list of 5k subscribers are looking at a rate of $100/month, which again is very reasonable. Now, if you find yourself hitting over 10k inboxes on the regular, your cost only goes up to $150/month. Compared to other solutions like it, Klaviyo keeps it real by keeping their cost low. 

All in all, their solution is a haymaker when it comes to impact, without pummeling your bank statement. 

May I remind you, we still haven’t talked about their features yet. 

Features of Klaviyo

What really impresses me about this solution is the intentionality. With a three-step focus on listening, analyzing, and acting on customer data, they offer features that contribute to the success of multi-touchpoint customer experiences. So for this feature breakdown, I figured why not follow their structure. 

Listening to audiences

  • Integrations: Klaviyo integrates with just about anything. With over 70+ integration options and an API connector, you can start tracking customer information immediately. This is especially valuable for eCommerce brands who don’t want to work with Mailchimp anymore. Don’t be shy Shopify and Magento merchants.  
  • Forms & Personalization: Great forms are severely underrated. With their flexible and intuitive form builder, you can create forms that build deeper customer relationships. Each of them can be set to specific to criteria and then automatically collects data and processes it through segments.
  • Profiles: This might be one of the most effective tools Klaviyo offers. With profiles, every single subscriber has a record that shows all the details of their customer journey. You can view historic timelines from the date of the first interaction all the way to the most recent purchase. And if you really want to get ahead of yourself, their predictive analytics shows data info like lifetime value and next expected order date. 

Analyzing customer data

  • Segmentation: If you’re still manually updating your segments, let me tell you now, stop. Klaviyo’s segments update in real-time and can be based on a variety of conditions like website activity, events, and purchase history. If you want to target people named Terry living in the northeast who have strange love of scented candles, you’ve come to the right solution. 
  • Data Science: This can come off very intimidating. Even the word science turns my stomach—but not here. Klaviyo tracks users and provides insights around which channels perform best and which customers have the longest lifetime value. So the next time you’re yelling at your content strategist about what time to send a campaign, Klaviyo will give you the answer 
  • Reporting: If you want to compare previous campaigns to current ones or view customer info in real-time, this is where Klaivyo thrives. If you are a big data junkie, this might be your new fix.


  • Automation: This isn’t your everyday automation tool. With the ability to layout customer journeys end-to-end, you make sure the right message gets delivered at the right time. A/B testing capabilities ensure that your subject line is pumped full of SEO juice and won’t be flagged as spam.
  • Social Ads: Everyone loves a good Facebook ad, except when they’re trying to sell you a toddler shirt and you’re a grown-ass adult. This solution eliminates those mistakes by allowing you to create custom segments that sync with your Facebook lookalike audiences so you can send better ads on social. 
  • Campaigns: Whether you’re promoting a new product or announcing an event, you can create custom templates that allow for quick drafting of any style email. And don’t worry about sending a message to duplicate contacts, their smart sending feature limits the amount you send to each subscriber. 

I almost forgot! If you’re one of those eCommerce brands interested in connecting with customers via text, they also offer a robust SMS feature that can be added to your email marketing plan. Just in case you weren’t already sold. 

You’re still on the fence, I can tell. Let me tell you who should be using this solution. 

Who Klaviyo is for.

If you’re an eCommerce brand that wants to start delivering a more personalized customer experience without stitching together a variety of solutions, this should be a frontrunner for you. 

If you’re a small to medium eCommerce business looking to gain more knowledge about your audience through heavy data collection, this is a tool you’d like

Who Klaivyo is not for. 

If you’re not in the eCommerce game, I’d turn around now. This software is pretty much exclusive for those who are looking to stack bills through digital transactions. You can turn to a trusted platform like Mailchimp.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by numbers and nauseated by data, I’d stick to something more simple like EmailOctopus

Final Thoughts

The most difficult part of working with Klaviyo is saying the name. Otherwise, if you’re looking to start delivering targeted messages driven by hard data, without all the complications, you should consider this a solution worth your while. 


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