Omnisend Review

Omnisend Review: The all-powerful email marketing tool for e-commerce.

Omnisend features strong automation and segmentation. It powers a variety of channels (Email, SMS, Facebook, Google Ads, WhatsApp). You get 24/7 support.

Costly if you're just using the email marketing and not the other tools. Specifically engineered for e-commerce so go a different direction if you're not slinging goods online.

We recommend Omnisend for anyone running a Shopify or e-commerce store. Omnisend is a fantastic alternative for Shopify merchants switching from Mailchimp, but they want a familiar user interface.

Quick Omnisend Review

If you’ve stumbled upon this review, it’s probably because your email marketing resembles that of your most recent Tinder date—boring, expensive, and underwhelming. If you’re tired of clunky email interfaces that lack automation, Omnisend might be the light at the end of your tunnel.

At 4 different tiers of pricing, Omnisend offers eCommerce brands a variety of options for managing email marketing, SMS marketing, automation, segmentation, forms, and even Facebook targeting. Take a deep breath. I know… it’s a lot. 

If you’re a small to medium eCommerce business looking to slap around your competition and engage harder with your customers, this is the tool for you. To really harness this “all-powerful” platform, you’re going to have to dish out a few bills. Their highly coveted Pro plan is gonna cost you $199/month for 5k contacts, which is nothing to scoff at, but its features and capabilities will make your old email marketing tool look like child’s play. 

Let me tell you why…

Here’s the anti-Cliffnote review of Omnisend. 

We’ve all been there before. Placing your order with a waiter or waitress, their pen halts contact with the paper as someone else’s dish, parading its way through the dining room, steals your attention. It’s almost as if it were taunting you for the words you just uttered seconds before. If your order was Mailchimp in this case, that tastier dish, is Omnisend. 

Boasting a slew of robust features, Omnisend is a multipurpose marketing solution that combines all of your channels into one cohesive platform. Picture a Chinese buffet of eCommerce marketing tools. 

For the last 6 years, Omnisend has served over 50,000 clients in 130+ countries, all while continuing to elevate their product. This is not your typical email marketing solution with “cute” templates. This is a full-service marketing automation platform, ready to create tailored customer experiences without the technical overhead. It’s a beast. 

In an era of consumerism driven by personalization, this tool is like bringing a bazooka to a fistfight—and its impact is just as tenacious. 

I know what you’re thinking, “bazooka sounds expensive”, so let me break down the cost for you. 

I’m ready to get my Omnisend on.

How much does Omnisend cost? 

Like many email marketing solutions, Omnisend pricing is tiered like its competitors. Starting at a Free plan, users get the basic email marketing functionality as well as a few features to get you started. 

Now allow me to be real blunt here…if you’re going to get Omnisend, go all in. Their Pro plan, costing  $199/month for 5k subscribers, is $49 cheaper than Mailchimp and touts far more features than the mediocre monkey. 

For those with deep pockets and a need for unlimited emails, advanced segments, and a dedicated support team, they also offer a custom pricing plan based on your usage and needs. 

Here’s a comprehensive look at their pricing: 

Now if you are still skeptical about the price-to-feature ratio don’t worry, allow me to show a little comparison. 

Let’s take Mailchimp, Shopify’s bitter ex-lover. If you have under 1,000 subscribers, Mailchimp is the cheaper option. Once you step into the big arena over 2k subscribers, Omnisend leapfrogs Mailchimp’s place, offering a cheaper and more dynamic tool that can make an impact far outside of email alone. See for yourself. 

I know I’ve bragged about Omnisend’s features without telling you much, so do me and yourself a favor and jump down to that next headline. 

6 Features of Omnisend that pack a serious punch.   

  • Channels: With customers craving more personalization, you need to connect with them at every touchpoint. This is where Omnisend really shows its stripes. From emails and SMS messages, to push notifications, Google ads, and even Facebook messages, it allows you to connect with your customers on the channels that they use the most. 
  • Email marketing: This is your most standard feature. Flaunting a variety of templates and capabilities, you are able to easily create campaigns that look and feel as powerful as the name Omnisend itself. 
  • Automation: A standout when it comes to automation, Omni offers the ability to connect with customers in every stage of the buying process. From your first introductory email all the way to post-purchase follow-up, you can hit your customer with the right message at the right time. 
  • Segmentation: Not all customers belong on the same list. Here, you can create segmented lists based on customer behaviors and traits to deliver specialized messages. And if that weren’t enough, they also won’t charge you for duplicate contacts. Excuse me, do you hear that Brinks truck backing up?
  • Forms: Without emails, there are no customers. Using their form capabilities, you can create sign up boxes and pop-up forms triggered by custom timing. I mean c’mon, they even have a spinning wheel of fortune sign up forms. 

  • Reports: As a writer, I stay far away from numbers as possible. But Omnisend makes it ridiculously easy for you to track your channel’s performances and identify places for change. With their Clickmap, you can even see where every user clicked throughout your email. Creepy but helpful. 

If you were to call Omnisend an email marketing solution, they would probably cackle and move on. Their powerful features take them far out of the realm of just email and allow your brand to connect with customers in ways other brands can’t. 

That being said, all this power might not be for everyone. 

Who Omnisend is for. 

If you’ve found yourself craving more ways to connect with your customers than just email, you should give this a try. For those DNVB’s (Digitally Native Vertical Brands) whose primary focus is the customer experience, Omnisend gives you the tools to target specific customers with specific messages. 

If you or another beloved Shopify merchant was affected by the Mailchimp breakup in 2019, this solution is a great alternative to Mailchimp that will feel familiar (it’s very similar to operating in Mailchimp on the backend). With all the basic Mailchimp features and similar templates, Omnisend offers you avenues of communication far outside the reach of email alone.

Who Omnisend is not for. 

If you’re a small eCommerce brand just starting out, you don’t need this kind of ammunition. You’ll shoot yourself in the foot. Sticking with something more simple, like an EmailOctopus might be a better fit. 

If your brand is looking to expand its marketing suite, but can’t afford to dish out $200/month, I’d recommend staying away. Other solutions like Constant Contact, might provide the necessary tools you need without killing your budget. 

Closing Remarks

Omnisend is powerful, diverse, and simple. If you want to up your marketing automation and connect with your customers more intimately, without having to drop the big bills, Omnisend might be your next great tool. 


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