Ontraport Review

Ontraport Review: what email marketing hustle really looks like.

Ontraport is built for medium-to-large service-style brands. Intuitive form, landing page, and email editors. Membership site capabilities. eCommerce transactions.

Ontraport is one of the more expensive solutions on the market. The lower pricing tier doesn't include the more robust features and the higher tiers jump pretty dramatically.

The membership site functionality alone makes it worth jumping in for the free trial to kick the tires. If you’re a booming brand, who’s got extra cash and an itch for the elite side of marketing, I’d recommend you keep Ontraport at the top of your list.

Quick Ontraport review for those in a rush.

For the last decade, Aaron Draplin has been hustling. When he printed his first 200 small, rounded-edge notebooks, he didn’t think that his substitution for overdone memo pads would grow into a budding brand. Fast forward almost a decade, and Field Notes has become a cult of creatives, writers, sketchers, ink masters, experimentalists, and everyday note-takers that embody the utilitarian trademark. 

It’s interesting to see something spawned out of personal preference, quickly become a popular necessity. Now, you can’t walk into a single hipster coffee shop, architectural office, or college library without seeing Field Notes sticking out of somebody’s ripped jeans or overstuffed backpack. 

If you’re reading this review, it’s because you too identify as a hustler—or at least that headline makes you want to hustle harder. Your brand has its footing and you’ve seen your once personal practice turn into a commercial cash collector, but it’s all happening at once. 

For those who have been working their ass off, while their marketing moves slower than an actual ass, let me introduce you to Ontraport

This is the marketing automation tool for creative moguls and service brands that want to start delivering messaging as impactful as their work.

With a massive collection of features spanning email marketing, business management, and eCommerce, it’s a solution that brings all the moving parts to one place. Here you can create campaigns by segments, then automate your messaging across email, SMS, and landing pages, to convert your leads into sales. It’s the one tool that will go hard, even when you’re not around. 

All that being said, Ontraport is not a solution for the financially frugal. Their Basic plan runs at $75/mo for 1k contacts and has a limited grouping of features. If you’re serious about stepping your game up and have the cash to prove it, you should start with the Pro plan, which goes for $297/mo and includes 10k contacts and almost all their features.

If you’re a medium-sized brand, hustling to stack bread and you’re willing to part with some of yours, Ontraport is the solution ready to accelerate your marketing. 

Don’t think so? I’ll prove you wrong…

Did you know Ontraport has a free trial? They do, right here.

A buff review of Ontraport

Most software origin stories start with a person, usually in technology, and a problem, usually around technology. They see the absence of something and before you know it, bam, there’s some epic software. That’s not the case with Ontraport. 

Living out of a yurt in the Santa Barbara hillsides, Landon Ray was running a startup that was technology-stitching a massive quilt of solutions together. His friends, seeing this tragedy unfold before them, realized there needed to be a software that housed all marketing solutions in one place, without overcomplicating it. 

Once tested on the market, the trio noticed that more service brands and solopreneurs were looking for something that was both powerful and simple—a challenging juxtaposition to say the least. But from it came a solution all its own. 

Today, Ontraport helps entrepreneurs deliver their value to the world by removing the burden of technology. From their simple and intuitive email builder to dynamic CRM automation and custom reporting, it’s a cocktail of marketing solutions built for those dedicated to advancing their hustle. 

Now if you’ve been at this a minute, you’d know that powerful tools often mean steep prices. You wouldn’t use Elmer’s glue to keep your house from crumbling on you, so why short-change your business like that? 

Ontraport isn’t shy to flaunt one of the highest prices in the email automation market, because it’s not an investment in software, it’s an investment in your brand. 

With all that accounted for, here’s what this bad Jackson is going to cost you…

How much does Ontraport cost?

Ontraport’s pricing structure mimics that of many other marketing automation tools with subscriber-based plans. On the cheap end, their Basic plan is $79/mo for 1k contacts and a short list of features that are underwhelming, to say the least. If you upgrade to their Plus plan, you’ll see an increase in features but also in price, jumping to $147/mo for 2.5k contacts. 

Let’s say you’re smashing over 10k inboxes a month, their Pro plan will cost you $297/mo for unlimited emails. If there’s a plan you should consider first, it’s this one. Anyone that’s doing more than 200k emails a month or has a list over 20k, fits into their enterprise level and must be willing to part ways with $500/mo—really it’s $497, but what’s 3 damn dollars when you’re handing over half a stack. 

Just in case you’re one of those “believe it when I see it people” here are some shots of their pricing structure. 

Do you see it and believe it now? 

Yes, the first time I saw the pricing I too said, “holy sh*t”—I won’t argue about that. But before you start putting your checkbook away, do me a solid and check out these features that make other software look like child’s play. 

Features of Ontraport 

Because Ontraport isn’t exclusive to one particular area of marketing, I’ve deemed it necessary to talk about pretty much everything they offer, without boring the living hell out of you. 

To keep it simple I even broke them up based on each facet of marketing they fall under—you’re welcome. 

Email Marketing 

  • Email Designer: This is a pretty simple feature that lets you create branded and responsive emails with a drag-and-drop editor. What takes it up a notch is the private IP address you can set up to keep your email reputation blemish-free. One caveat here is that instead of separate lists, Ontraport has one major list, that you build segments off of using tags. 
  • Landing Pages: Again, the drag-and-drop editor keeps it easy when it comes to building landing pages that are branded. These pages can present dynamic content tailored to each customer based on user criteria—because no two users are the same. 
  • Automation: Ontraport boasts a campaign builder that ties together your email and other marketing efforts for easy access. With their dynamic automation feature, users are guided through a specific marketing funnel and riddled with triggers you set. It’s the catalyst for sales and insurance for manual mishaps. 
  • Analytics: Marketing blind is a mistake. Ontraport provides users with thorough reports that include opens, clicks, conversions, and more, without the messy charts. You can create specialized reports based on time periods or segments, giving you insight into your best and worst customers. Though it is a solid feature, there are other, cheaper solutions, that can do more than Ontraport here.  

Business Marketing 

  • CRM: This CRM is a monster, straight up. With full contact interaction history, lead tracking, and custom workflows, this is where Ontraport out-hustles just about any other software. It’s time to start building relationships that go outside the inbox and converting customers to cash. 
  • Process Automation: Any decent CRM needs automation to really make an impact. This stockpile of features lets you communicate with prospects, customers, and partners on time, without the manual strain. This keeps brand messaging clear and consistent across the board, even in the smallest segments. 
  • Membership Sites: For gym rats, cigar aficionados, or any go-getter running a membership brand, this is the feature that will arouse your marketing libido. You can create custom landing pages for members to login and select offers with ease, while also dripping specific content to select groups. And if you’re already stacking cheddar on your WordPress site, Ontraport integrates with it so you don’t miss a beat. 


  • eCommerce: Don’t have an eCommerce website or platform? Don’t bother, Ontraport lets you conduct transactions on landing pages via forms—because I know you’re trying to secure that spot under the money tree.
  • Sales Force Automation: This is the place where you manage all of your incoming leads and pipeline activity. Start forecasting your leads, then route them to the proper sales team or person, who is notified through automation. No more leads waiting to hear back from you after 3 weeks. 

If you still can’t decide whether or not you should be chicken-scratching a check right now, allow me to qualify who should be doing so as we speak. 

Who Ontraport is for. 

The entrepreneurial soloist hitting your stride and willing to spend money that brings your marketing under one umbrella. This is for the heavy hustlers, looking to put money back into their business. 

If you’re an elite medium-sized brand, who’s marketing lacks, well, eliteness, Ontraport delivers a professional solution representative of your business’ nobility. Just be willing to hand over a bit of coin to get started. 

Anyone looking to build membership communities should pop over and sign up for a free trial right now to kick the tires.

Who Ontraport is not for. 

The cost-sensitive, small brands that need email marketing without all the extra bells and whistles. This thing is way out of your league—ConvertKit might suit you better. 

Operations, mostly B2B, that need a CRM tool, but not all the extra weight that comes with a solution like this.

Final thoughts. 

If you’re a booming brand, who’s got extra cash and an itch for the elite side of marketing, I’d recommend you keep Ontraport at the top of your list. The membership site feature alone is worth considering for the right folks.


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